There are many 'dark' issues with our all starts with the lack of "Full Voting Rights" for all our voters in Arizona...

(don't think we are alone...this lack exist in the other 49 states).

Our country is 239 years old and none of the voters in all 50 states have their full voting rights.

Yes, some voters may be aware of at least 4 of the 30 rights.

Yes, the voters protected by the VRA of 1965 only have about 7 of their 30 rights lightly covered.

Yes, even the members of the VPA-Arizona only have 4 to 7 of their Full Voting Rights.

Let us push for full voting rights for every AZ voter regardless of their personal and/or political persuasions.

Thanks and Good Luck,

Frank Henry

Full Voting Rights Advocate

Cottonwood,  Arizona

Tel:  928-649-0249


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  • commented on Dark money is an equal opportunity destroyer 2015-01-27 22:57:52 -0700
    Dark clouds over “Full Voting Rights”…

    Dark money seems to be a natural aspect of many campaigns for Democrats, Republicans, and the
    many other political parties and political action committees, etc. The issue of campaign funding is closely
    tied to freedom to campaign, freedom of speech, freedom of association,…,etc.

    The biggest issue is the dark cloud over “Full Voting Rights”…no voter in all 50 states lack the 30 rights
    of their Full Voting Rights. Lets fix this.