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  • Valdez: Initiative would clean up dirty money, not kill free speech

    Who is that wizard behind the green curtain? You know, the guy passing out money to his political soulmates?

    Terry Goddard wants you to know. Doug Ducey doesn’t.

    Voters should see who puts up big bucks to influence elections.

    But campaign laws protect anonymous campaign funding.

    Ducey owes a lot to anonymous donors

    For example, groups that organize under the Internal Revenue category of “social welfare” organizations are exempt under Arizona law from disclosing their donors.

    Those organizations can make independent political expenditures for or against candidates or issues without telling the public where the money originated.

    In 2014, outside groups contributed $8.2 million to support Republican Ducey for governor and undermine his Democratic opponent Fred DuVal.

    Ducey got elected. Voters still don’t know who put up all that green.

    With his re-election campaign on the 2018 horizon, Ducey apparently wants to keep it that way.

    In 2016, he signed a so-called campaign finance reform bill that made it easier to keep the mystery in campaign funding.

    Now Ducey’s raising a tired, old argument in defense of "dark money" at a time when former Attorney General Goddard is launching a petition drive to demand disclosure.

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